Vacuum Sealer VS6601M

Vacuum Sealer VS6601M
  • Operation guide
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vs 6601M Operation guide: 

1. plug the product power, "start / stop" blue light on; 
2. Will be stored in the vacuum preservation of the items in the bag, wipe clean the mouth, do not have wrinkles or contaminated dust and so on. 
3. Put the preservation bag into the vacuum chamber. 
4. Press the upper cover and press the two ends of the cover until you hear the sound of "click" 
5. According to the actual needs of the user to select "vacuum seal" or "single seal" button, the function light is on, then press the "start / stop" button to start running, the automatic cleaning bag and sealing, red and blue lights Instructions. 
6. When the work is completed, the product will stop running automatically, the function indicator will go off, press the "Cancel vacuum" button, press the left and right cover lock, open the cover, remove the preservation bag. 

Use Notes and Suggestions: 
1. Keep the bags do not pretend to be too full, the bag open end to leave enough length, so that the pocket can be better placed in the vacuum chamber pumping. 
2. Make sure the pocket is dry and, if wet, may affect the quality of the seal. 
3. Fresh bags can not cover the vacuum holes, so as not to hinder the vacuum work. 
4. Seal the pocket when the clean and leveling, no wrinkles, otherwise it will cause sealing difficulties or leakage. 
5. It is recommended to seal or vacuum the packaging time interval of 30 seconds or more so that the heat sealing strip has enough time to cool, so that you use the machine more secure and effective. 
6. This product works continuously for 10 cycles, all red light will flash, the product can not work, wait for 3 minutes to continue to work after cooling, this procedure is to protect your products and sealing effect to achieve the best. 
7. After the sealing operation is completed, please do not touch the position of the sealing strip immediately to avoid burns. 
8. Vacuum time need to pay attention to the current situation of the vacuum, feel appropriate, please press the stop button (the product of the vacuum measurement of large, need to prevent some food or objects extrusion deformation). 
9. Do not vacuum to save a sharp shape of the items, it is recommended to use a container instead of the bag to store these items. 
10. Store frozen or frozen perishable food, vacuum packaging can extend its shelf life, but can not prevent it from rotting.