Black/Clear vacuum sealer bag / roll

Black/Clear vacuum sealer bag / roll
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*Certificate and report : ISO9001, ISO14001, BSCI , FDA, LFGB, BPA Free, DGCCRF, RoHS

*Technology :PE PA seven layer co-extruded

*Keep food fresh up to X5 longer

*Prevents freezer burn,will not affect the flavor of food

*Work temperature : -20-110℃

*Rolls can be cut the length as we need , flexible and convenient

*Can work with most leading brand vacuum sealers

*Material : food grade PA+PE, black particles

*Thickness : 0.09mm(3.5mil) for smooth, 0.09mm(3.5mil) for film before embossed , *0.38mm(15mil) for embossed film. Can be customized

Detailed Description:


Black vacuum sealer bag / roll is made of seven layer co-extruded material ,which is adding the suitable percent black particles in the raw material and blowing the film. We can produce  black-black vacuum sealer bag and rolls ,we also can produce the clear-black vacuum sealer bag and rolls. It mainly used for packing and storage shaded products, or it can used for packing privacy items.